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Our Core Values: Quality | Teamwork | Leadership | Integrity

We take pride in our work.Cindy E.

We always have an awesome attitude.Rebekkah V.

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Just Right Lawns has been in business for over 14 years.
We are a family owned and operated business since 2003. We strive to keep our prices competitive and our service at top quality. We even offer a 24 hour guarantee.

Our Mission

ISC-LS-TrainingJust Right Lawns exists to improve the lives of our customers and employees. The experience of Just Right Lawns should leave an employee happy, proud, and loving their work; and the customer happy, proud, and loving their yard.

Just Right Lawns employees go through an intensive training process and are Industry Standard Certified before joining the crew.

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Jeremy Griffin


jeremy-griffin-01I started mowing lawns in my Houston neighborhood in the fifth grade with my younger brother. The two of us built a reputation for our quality service, and by the time I went off to college, we were mowing just about every lawn in our suburb. I went on to earn my Bachelors of Business Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University and started a life with my wife Madeline in Austin, Texas.

After working as a financial advisor for several years, I won a sales award, and the prize was a brand new lawn mower. Winning that prize sparked the memories and the passion I had as a young kid and it pushed me to start my own lawn care business. My goal is to provide the close customer service that I gave as a kid while at a great price to our customers. I have built a fantastic team of professional lawn care specialists, and they have the same passion that I do.

Meet Our Team

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Madeline G.

Vice President

Madeline is originally from Southeast Texas and moved to Austin in 2000 to start her life with her husband, Jeremy. While owning a business was not in her plans, there was no stopping Jeremy once he got the idea of this business in his head. Working by his side and seeing his dream unfold has been a blessing. It has taken a lot of hard work and perseverance, but it has all been worth it. In her free time, she loves traveling, reading, and trying to stay healthy so she can keep up with their three awesome kids.

victor-01 victor-02

Victor C.

Director of Operations

Victor has over 20 years of senior operations management experience and has a passion for team development and operational excellence. Victor brings out the best in the Just Right Lawns team through coaching, feedback, support, recognition, and encouragement. Victor loves his family including his two very special dogs as well as Texas Friday night football!

chris chris

Chris D.

San Antonio Area Manager

Chris is a native Texan. He has been working in Landscaping and Lawn maintenance for over three years and strives to deliver quality work. His positive attitude and stellar leadership abilities leave a lasting impression. When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his son and daughter, taking pride in making the best barbecue and being a number one dad to his two amazing kids. Chris is proud of all that he has accomplished with Just Right Lawns and his goal is to continue to succeed!

guillermo-01 guillermo-02

Guillermo Y.

Austin Area Manager

Guillermo lived most of his life in Mexico where he completed his studies in information systems. Guillermo started working for Just Right Lawns as a gardener and showed excellent work ethic and leadership. Soon after he was promoted to lead gardener and now serves as our Austin area manager. When not at work Guillermo enjoys playing soccer and roots for the Chivas from Guadalajara Mexico.

anel-01 anel-02

Anel C.

Human Resources Manager

Anel recently joined the Just Right Lawns team bringing with her 15 years of Human Resources experience. Anel and her family live by the motto “Blessed to be a blessing.” One of her greatest joys in life is to inspire, unify and have faith in overcoming obstacles that may have once looked insurmountable. She says it is an honor to work for Just Right Lawns because she can see that the company also lives by the “Blessed to be a blessing” motto.

cindy-01 cindy-02

Cindy E.

Customer Service Manager

Cindy has over 12 years of management experience. She takes pride in her role of overseeing customer relationships while providing expert and innovative service solutions. Cindy embraces the development of her team and applies an energetic approach. She often spends her free time with her family and keeping up with her Central American traditions. When not at work or working out, she spends her time supporting her daughter’s busy sports schedule.

elizabeth-01 vanessa-02

Elizabeth M.

Customer Service Team Lead

Elizabeth is a joy to work with, she is very detail oriented and gets her work done efficiently. While not at work, she loves spending time with her family, and taking pictures of everything she sees. Elizabeth also enjoys imagining, writing stories and making time for crafts. She is currently enrolled in school, majoring in business with goals to one day open her own business. We celebrate Elizabeth’s success and encourage all of our staff to pursue higher education.

jessica-manriquez-01 jessica-manriquez-02

Jessica M.

Customer Service Representative II

Jessica is cultured, speaks multiple languages, and is very creative. When she’s not at work she enjoys playing soccer and watching her favorite teams play. She is a pleasure to work with, especially because she has a great sense of humor.

anabel-01 anabel-02

Anabel G.

Customer Service Representative I

Anabel is determined to make our customers smile. She is a quick learner and her excellent attitude is contagious. While not at work, she enjoys experimenting with makeup and meeting new people. Her family is most important to her.

anabel-01 anabel-02

Isabel A.

Customer Service Representative I

Isabel is an Austinite born and raised. She has been in customer service for over five years now and still loves working with and helping others. When not at work Isabel goes into mommy mode and focuses her attention on her two year old son. Isabel feels that family is everything and hopes to one day own her own ranch. She is happy to be a part of the JRL family.

anabel-01 anabel-02

Armando Y.


Armando was born in Jaslisco, Mexico where he lived for most of his life. He completed his studies in Indsutrial engineering and was diplomaed in Black Belt by Six Sigma Institute. He worked for several years at an international company where he was in charge of logistics. He then moved to Austin a year ago and started working with Just Right Lawns first as a gardener before moving into the position of scheduler. When not at work Armando enjoys reading books and watching scary movies. Family is very important to him and his goal is to be married and adopt a child.