Take Back Your Weekend and Leave the Mowing to Us
We offer lawn care at a fair price, so you can get back to enjoying your yard. No matter your budget we will work with you to keep your lawn green and looking beautiful.


We have weekly or bi-weekly lawn care plans to choose from so you can pick the level of attention that your lawn needs. Our lawn care professionals will work with you to find the maintenance plan that is best for your yard. We also offer landscaping services for our customers with recurring schedules.

Weekly Mowing

We have years of experience with the lawns of Austin and San Antonio, and find that weekly mowing is the best way to keep your lawn beautiful. Our lawn care experts will cut lawns a little higher during the summer months, leaving your lawn with softer and greener blades.

Our weekly plan offers additional care during spring and periods of heavy rain when your lawn is growing faster. We will work with you to switch between plans and create the best schedule for you and your lawn.

Bi-Weekly Mowing

Our bi-weekly maintenance plan is great for any size yard in the Austin and San Antonio area. Our lawn care experts will come out every other week. Our service is made to keep your lawn maintained for the two weeks between service.

Just Right Lawns Take the Stress Out of Lawn Mowing

How We Care For Your Yard

Our weekly and bi-weekly lawn care services includes the following:


Our crew will come out on the day of your scheduled maintenance and cut your lawn perfectly. We have top of the line equipment that is maintained on a regular basis to ensure a fresh cut each time. Our crews has experience caring for every kind of grass, so no matter what is growing in your lawn, we’ve got you covered.

Grass Edging and Weed Eating

Grass grows quickly in Austin and San Antonio, and our edging service will keep it away from where it does not belong. We will edge along walkways, driveways, patios, stonework, garden beds, fence lines, the perimeter of your home and any other features that your yard may have.

Disbursement of Lawn Clippings

To keep your lawn fertilized and healthy we will distribute your lawn clippings throughout your yard. We will grind your lawn clippings into mulch which will have the nutrients needed to keep your lawn healthy and green.

Yard Blowing

We will blow away yard debris such as leaves, grass clippings, and dirt to keep your yard clean. We make sure that all of your surfaces like patios, walkways, driveways and paths are clear for your enjoyment.

Pet Waste Removal

We offer a pet waste removal service for our continuing lawn care customers. We strive to keep your entire yard green and looking beautiful. The pet waste removal service is available as a weekly or bi-weekly package and is added onto your scheduled lawn care service visit.

Our pet waste removal team will scan your entire yard and scoop up any pet waste that is found. We will bag the poop and leave the filled bag next to the garage furthest from the front door. We have a $10 fee that is applied to the initial pet waste removal service.

Contact Just right Lawns now to learn more and add pet waste removal to your lawn care package!


When you choose to get weekly or bi-weekly service we will set you up with a schedule. The day of service will remain the same from month to month unless we let you know about any changes.

We can not guarantee certain time slots, but we will gladly work with you with any scheduling conflicts. Our service days are from Monday through Friday.

Prepare for your service and read our guidelines.