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Our yard water sprinkler heads were damaged by Just Right Lawns, who has mowing annual service contract with our next door's neighbor. We contacted Anabel with Just Right Lawns.Anabel was extremely helpful, courteous, friendly, and of the utmost professional in her assistance, Since we are not customer of the company, Cindy and Michelle, both Managers,had to navigate through the accounting procedures to get my repair reimbursement. Thanks so much Ladies for all of your hard work and dedication. We really appreciate it. This is a perfect example of a small successful local business. We strongly recommend Just Right Lawns.
S C Nugent
S C Nugent
22:48 19 Oct 16
I have used Just Right Lawns for several years.They did a great job,the guys were very polite,fast and I never had a complaint until now.Due to "some company changes",the price they quoted me this year, was too high, esp. since I only wanted my front yard done.Sad,cause they do a great job.
Jessica Nelson
Jessica Nelson
21:05 07 Mar 17
We have been a customer of Just Right Lawns for years now. They provide a very reliable service with consistent quality. We had some pretty bad experiences with 3 different companies, which were very small independent operations, before finding Just Right Lawns. 1 was a guy with no crew, so if he got injured you were out of luck till he could get better. It was very disappointing. Another of those companies just went belly up without any notice. They stopping coming to cut our lawn, no call...nothing. Anyway, back to Just Right Lawns. If there is rain or some other kind of issue that will prohibit the crew from cutting/edging your lawn, they will slide the scheduled service to the next day usually. Their bed and bush service is pretty good as well in regard to the quality and ease of scheduling. Their crew does the work as specified, is thorough, neat and respectful of your property. The price is a little high for it, but it is really convenient, easy to schedule and saves me from breaking my neck on a ladder trying to trim the really wide and tall Red Tip Photinias in my yard :).
Rich Kaplan
Rich Kaplan
21:55 12 Apr 17

Setting up my bi-weekly service was ridiculously easy and it is the best value in town. I have had my service for about 6 months now and could not be happier. Recently, I asked for the hedging and bed service just to get cleaned up for the winter and was a little worried about being gouged as I was not going to be home to tell how long the crew would be there. I got a phone call the next day telling exactly how long it took them (which was less than I thought) and the price was beyond reasonable. The customer service is top notch. I’m a fan for life!
Kim R.

We have had service with this company now for almost a year and have been VERY PLEASED. They are very RELIABLE and the office staff is very HELPFUL whenever you call in. In the beginning we had to work out some kinks but they were always more than willing to take our instructions and correct it for the next service. The crews are very EFFICIENT, it takes them only about 10 mins to completely service my yard. And signing up for service is SUPER EASY. They bill by credit or debit so you don’t have to worry about sending in checks or anything! We are VERY picky about how our lawn is handled but working with this company has probably been our best experience with customer service and lawn care.
Michelle M.

I’m on year 2 with these folks, and still happy, so I’m bumping it up to the full 5 stars since I have nothing to complain about. I work hard, and have practically no free time, so it’s great to just not have to worry about the lawn at all. I rarely see them, since I’m usually at UT when they mow. I do the every-other week mowing, which is usually about perfect. If we get a lot of rain, I may need to reconsider and move up to the every-week plan, but for right now every other week is fine.
Rick G.